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Mediation is a process in which a trained professional neutral helps disputants resolve conflict the mediator help the disputants discuss the issues, one at a time, keeps control of the interaction and, when appropriate, presents options and alternative for the disputants' consideration.  Mediators do not make decisions for disputants or tell them what is best.  They do help control the discussion that lead to resolution.  Decisions are made by the disputants based on needs and interests.

Typical disputes include:

Family issues (parenting, financial, personal, pre-marital)

Business partnership (setup and dissolutions) 

Employment (employer/employee, employee/employee, interdepartmental disputes)

Separation/divorce (parenting, property, support, college, insurance, taxes)

Elder care issues (healthcare, social, living arrangements, financial, death with dignity)

Contracts (negotiation/disputes)

Real estate disputes (commissions, construction, landlord/tenant) 

Healthcare disputes (service dissatisfaction, malpractice)

ADA disputes

Workers compensation disputes

Insurance claim disputes

School disputes


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